Suboxone, Pregnancy, C-Section, and Surgery

A recent message from a reader: What would be the ideal care-plan for the pt taking 24mg/dayof Subutex who is going in for c section? I would like to show the response tomy OB, so if there is any way, please be specific as to any tapering or substituting of another low-dose narcotic before surgery, … Continue reading “Suboxone, Pregnancy, C-Section, and Surgery”

Buprenorphine and Pregnancy

I recently heard from a person who had been told by her physician that she ‘must get off Suboxone before even thinking about getting pregnant.’  I’ve mentioned a number of times that I’ve had about 15 patients go through pregnancy and delivery on buprenorphine, and all have done well.  I encourage people thinking about pregnancy … Continue reading “Buprenorphine and Pregnancy”

Suboxone and Epidural Anesthesia; pregnancy, delivery, and C-sections on Suboxone

I just saw a keyword from Albany NY: suboxone and epidural.  I presume this is a pregnant woman anticipating labor who is taking Suboxone.  I have had several patients deliver babies while on Suboxone;  two by C-section and one by vaginal delivery.  I also was an anesthesiologist for ten years before my opiate addiction took … Continue reading “Suboxone and Epidural Anesthesia; pregnancy, delivery, and C-sections on Suboxone”

Is Suboxone Potent?

We get about 5000 readers of SuboxForum per day who ask question, provide answers, or share their experiences with buprenorphine medications. If you’re a patient on buprenorphine, consider joining us. It is free, and you’ll find help for starting buprenorphine, tapering off the medication, and everything in between.  Or if you’re a buprenorphine prescriber consider … Continue reading “Is Suboxone Potent?”

Baby’s Buprenorphine Withdrawal

This morning I responded to a woman at SuboxForum.  Her baby was taken to the NICU for ‘withdrawal’, which is better identified as neonatal abstinence syndrome.  She said that the baby is eating well, but there is concern that the baby sleep only 2 hours at a stretch.  The baby is on morphine, and mom … Continue reading “Baby’s Buprenorphine Withdrawal”

Newborn Buprenorphine Abstinence: Get Real!

First Posted 2/6/2014 A few weeks ago I wrote about the differing standards of care for women who deliver babies while treated with buprenorphine for opioid dependence.  Some hospitals require newborns exposed to buprenorphine to stay in the neonatal ICU for arbitrary length of time.  Intravenous infusions of opioid agonists are given to infants whose … Continue reading “Newborn Buprenorphine Abstinence: Get Real!”

Does Suboxone Cause SIDS?

Originally posted 1/13/2013 In a recent Google search about Suboxone and pregnancy, one of the top links included the frightening statement that Suboxone and buprenorphine have been linked to SIDS or sudden infant death syndrome, commonly called ‘crib death.’ The statement was from a health forum where a woman wrote about taking Suboxone during pregnancy.  She … Continue reading “Does Suboxone Cause SIDS?”

Suboxone Withdrawal in Newborns

One of the top search terms for Suboxone relates to pregnancy, and fear that the baby will experience withdrawal; official name ‘neonatal abstinence syndrome.’  I wrote this post a couple years ago, and I think it is worth reposting. Since the first time around, several studies have shown that withdrawal symptoms occur in about half of … Continue reading “Suboxone Withdrawal in Newborns”

Best of STZ

Below are some of the most-read articles from the Talk Zone.  STZ contains over 400 (!) posts;  use the category function on the left of the page, or for specific searches use SuboxSearch– a powerful engine for searching either this blog or SuboxForum. Addiction, Recovery, and Buprenorphine Suboxone vs. Recovery, Ready for Recovery?, Desperation and … Continue reading “Best of STZ”

User's Guide to Suboxone

Many of you are familiar with my e-book, ‘User’s Guide to Suboxone,’ that has been available for sale on the web.  The copy that is sold through that site is ‘print-protected’ and copy protected;  a password is required to open the document and it cannot be printed– at least not without a bit of digital … Continue reading “User's Guide to Suboxone”